The TankContainer

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The TankContainer gives clear and extensive information on the cleaning and maintenance of the TankContainer. TankContainer is used by various companies in the world… As mentioned in this book.

Illustrated with lots of pictures and diagrams, The TankContainer is the go-to book for all information to keep the TankContainer in the best operating status.


The transport of TankContainers is governed by international rules and safety regulations. For the safety of employees and the environment to create a proper and safe use for the TankContainer’s loading…That is a must!

The TankContainer book explains the current regulations and procedures; so the transport is always carried out according to the international standards and regulations.


Safe handling and storage of the TankContainer and its loading is a must during transport because they are transporting dangerous substances. You have to take care for the correct labeling and handling of the hazardous content. The TankContainer travel documents give background information and guidelines for the proper handling and transport to maximise safety for the employees, shippers and transport.

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